Thursday , June 17 2021

"There will be no elections on February 24, 2019" Ansumana Diona

Ansoumana Dione, President Jaamu Askan wi, said there would be no elections on February 24, 2019, calling on candidates faced with Macky Sall to ask the Constitutional Council to give an opinion on the use of the sponsorship law by breaking our constitution .

"Everyone knows that President Mackay Sal, who has already been a candidate for his own inheritance, should not collect signatures to participate in these elections he organizes." Does the Qur'an or the Bible mean? No, how people agree to participate in elections organized on the basis of constitutionally contradictory laws that allow the current president to run for a second term without going through sponsorship? "he asks.

He confirmed that "if the Senegalese remain indifferent to the face of this insult to the Charter of our republic, it will never be such." All the means are good to be president of the republic. But that all these contenders to the presidential chair should let him say: God will not give them authority. Because they are not honest and do not respect the people they say they want to lead. Attention, strength will remain in the truth and this will prevent the holding of this presidential, February 24 next, "he concludes.

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