Thursday , June 17 2021

"This is the God who gives strength to everyone he wants."

National Assembly President Mustafa Nassay sang the merits of Mackay Sal, a candidate for the presidential coalition. In Niro, the Ripp County, where a major rally was organized on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, Mr Niase, also the leader of the Alliance of Forces and Progress, reminded that "God is the one who gives the power , which he wants, the words that sound like an answer to President Umasane Sonko, which in a recent statement said the opposite.

God is the one who gives strength to everyone he wants. But it is men who choose their leader. It is God who raises the person who gives strength, wealth, and knowledge to whom He wills. Let God offer all this and make the Senegalese vote with a majority in your favor for a victory in the first round on the evening of February 24, "he said.

Mustafa Nassase, who was in his homeland, prayed for his candidate as he tried to protect the record of the seven-year term. "What you did for the Senegalese for the past 7 years, I swear, no one can challenge it. & # 39; Wedi gis boku ci & # 39; (we can not deny the obvious) & quot ;.

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