Wednesday , September 28 2022

Tim Fay Sal, a lady without protocol, easy to access


After Senegal's accession to its international sovereignty, the first ladies have succeeded in the Palace of the Republic. Flight, Elizabeth, Vivian and Marime Fay. All were very special women with different abilities and different behaviors.
Access to the first lady is often not easy, as she is the most important person in the presidency. In Senegal, only Marime Fay Sal is distinguished by its openness and proximity to people.

Moreover, her simplicity made some women baptize her, Madame Diongos from the palace, as long ago Senegal did not have the first lady worthy of the name. First lady of black tan, real Senegal in the true sense of the word. This opportunity gave President Sall's wife another very special dimension.

Because of this, you do not need a lot of protocol to get access to it. Typically, very friendly, Marime Fei receives daily Senegalese from all over the country, but also from the diaspora to work as always in the social.

But many questions arise. Some Senegalese sometimes abuse it to enjoy its kindness. Still, the sweet half of Mackay Sal has always attracted the Senegalese to the "easy faith" of some people in the present palace life.

However, she remains the woman who worries the whole generation about the future of the country. A good example of citizenship that strengthens the kinship relations between the Senegalese.


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