Sunday , July 3 2022

Tottenham takes down Aston Villa thanks to Kane and Ndombel


Tottenham knew what to expect for that first day of the Premier League. Manchester City and Liverpool hit hard at the beginning, winning 5-0 over West Ham and 4-1 over Norwich respectively. Therefore, it was necessary to find the right answer for the final Aston Villa Champions League finalist. Without the last two recruits Lo Selso and Cessegnon, who were introduced to the public, nor did Christian Eriksen, a substitute at Kikoff, the Spurs come 4-3-3. Lucas Moura escorted Kane and Lamela forward, His stop. Ndombele made his first appearance on the starting line-up against a promoted one, which he spent without counting during this transfer window.

However, a player already present last year offered surprise and early visitor advantage. Following a warning from Lucas (5th) and Lamela's first out-of-frame attempt (8th), the Wilians found the result of their first invasion of the opponent's zone. McGinn took advantage of the wrong defense and a long ball from Mings to fool Loris with a cross (0-1, 9th). Condensed on the ground, the Spurs had problems with the reaction. They seemed a little amorphous in the game and mostly shook the least against the opponent. Trezeguet used a good ball from McGinn to pick Sanchez and then came across Lloris (21st).

Tottenham forces the decision

Later, Grellish escaped the defense, accelerated the full field, and then was able to displace Trezeguet near the surface, which missed his shot (33). After this hot blow, Tottenham ended the first period better, but lacked efficiency in the area. Kane struck first above (34th) and couldn't find the head frame after that beautiful inspiration from Ndombele (45th), while Sissoko was slow to make a decision within 10 meters (42nd). The London club had to wake up in the second half in order not to miss their league debut. He returned to the pitch with positive intentions, but before him Villa played boldly.

Already the author of the mess at the end of the first period, Sisoko lacked clarity to conclude and cut too much of his punch (50s). On the other side of the pitch, McGinn was not far from the penalty spot (60). The entry of Eriksen instead of Winx made it very useful for the Spurs who took the most risks. It was the Dane who was in the bag of that long ball to Kane, after which he tried to reach Heaton's dangerous exit (67th). However, he missed his attempt but overtook it, sending the skin to the surface. Lucas pretended to be hiding Nodombel, whose leg was a fly (1-1, 73rd). Contrary to the result, Tottenham was trying to force a decision. Heaton saved his team from a free kick to Eriksen (77th), but he had to bow to Kane, happy to see the ball get into his feet (2-1, 86th). The Englishman even went for his double in favor of Sisoko (3-1, 90s). It was difficult, but the logic was followed, Tottenham won.

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