Monday , August 2 2021

Tragic death of a 57-day Burundian CAN 2019 •

International Burundian Faty Papy, a member of FC Malanti Chiefs in Swaziland, suffered a heart attack while his club competed in a match against the Green Mamba FC league.

Burundi will play its first African Nations Cup 2019 and will do it without midfielder Fati Papi (28), who died this Thursday in the Swansea Championship full-time match with his club Malanti Sheeps FC against Green Mamba FC. He collapsed after 15 minutes of play and was evacuated to a hospital where the medical duty service found his death.

Fati Papi suffered from heart problems, which led South Africa to terminate his contract in 2018. He was advised to do an operation followed by a final arrest. his football career. He did not think it was appropriate at this time to do so.

This will not be a crop that protects Burundi's colors in Egypt while he was a great master of this qualification.


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