Sunday , June 13 2021

Truth is part of PUR100

"It all started in Kolda, where our caravan was prevented from continuing on its way," said Pr El H. Issa SALL, a candidate for propagating the truth about the violence that happened on Monday in Tambah.
At a briefing, he checked his version of the facts.
According to him, a group of people aboard the L200 pickup and a hundred motorcycles Jakarta were storming Pur's carriage when he left Tamba to collect Kidira.
Consequences, a dozen caries kisses, of which 4 fully calcined, informs the computer scientist.
For Professor El H. Issa Sall, if it was not the courage of the defense and security forces, we would all be dead now.
Candidate Isa SALL is also in charge of the Interior Minister who received a request from February 3.
At the same time, he is also responsible for the outgoing President of the Republic of Mackay Sal, Commissioner of Tamba, BDB extremists, he said.
Pur, however, says that it has never been necessary to stop his campaign; on the contrary, it is necessary to report on Dakar to restore the truth of the facts.
In addition, the Green Party informed about the creation of a group of lawyers who would be coordinated by Me Ousseynou GAYE and supported by the councils Me Ciré Clédor LY, Me Demba Ciré Batley and others. hold.
She did not miss to complain that 27 of his close guardians remain the only ones to be heard so far.
However, Isaac Sol reiterated his call to his activists for a civilized campaign.

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