Thursday , July 29 2021

Tuesday, Bharuch No. 9 on the quintet day will be the foundation of Turfomania

Sixteen athletes will compete today at the Prix De Marseille, the quince day event, at a distance of 2000 meters in Cagnes Sur Mer.

Bharuchnumber 9 in the afternoon afternoon at Cannes Sur Mer will be our base that should not be missed.

The foundation of the Turfomania game at Quinta on Tuesday in Cagnes Sur Mer

Bharuch (9): In good shape, Bharuch will soon get his hand. He takes advantage of the drop in his value to align the performance of this type of tournament and stays on a promising deck of Deauville's sand. Always in the company of Anthony Krastus, he keeps the guns to win.

Total Baruch statistics

  • Racing: 24
  • Victory: 1
  • Placed: 11
  • Winning success: 4%
  • Success: 46%

Bharuch's statistics on the route we are interested in

  • Path: 1
  • Victory: 0
  • Placed: 0
  • Profitability: 0%
  • Succeeded: 0%

Baruc Statistics with CRASTUS A.

Bharuch will be associated with CRASTUS A. with a top 3 success rate of 100% (2 placed in 2 races)

To see the list of starters, predictions and the past of the Quinté Plus race for the day: click here

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