Monday , July 26 2021

two new players are targeted to replace Ronaldo

Thomas Meunier, the Belgian right lane, showed his disappointment after the slap received against Switzerland on Sunday night. The Red Devils won't see the Final Four.

Asked after Sunday's heavy defeat in Switzerland (5-2), Thomas Meunier, the right-hand international side of Paris Saint-Germain, did not hide his disappointment. While the Red Devils will not see the Final Four, former Club Brugge players are looking for an explanation for the collective defeat. "A lot of things have been missed," he told the microphone. RTL. For the third goal, for example, we are stuck in a stop phase. We are 7 or 8 against three players. There is a lack of aggressiveness on our part. And this is what happened to at least three goals from Switzerland. That's not good. However, we did well at the start of the game. We take aim to con. That's too easy for them. We are not used to playing like this. In the past few years, I have never experienced a bad match. He missed 20% in the leaders of each player. We also played against very good players. We have ourselves. There is an imbalance. We may be sure to continue. And Belgium finally conceded five goals for the first time since September 2009, against Roja. Dirty night …

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