Wednesday , September 28 2022

Urgent obituary: Aida Diop finally died in the hands of eye cancer


Aida Dioop, who suffers from eye cancer, yesterday gave up on the spirit, Monday at about 3 am. A 26-year-old, this native of Mercury, backed by goodwill, finally operates in Morocco. But unfortunately, she did not survive. We remind that Aida Diop has lived in Mamadou Diop. From an early age she has undergone an operation on her right eye, which is ultimately extracted.

A difficult turning point in his life. However, she hoped to resume the normal course of things with an ophthalmic prosthesis. Unfortunately, relapse is diagnosed quickly. His hope goes away. Worse, the tumor spread around the eye and metastasized. The cost of treatment became excessive, her grandmother had a cry of heart: "We spent a lot of money to heal it, but the tumor grows every day.

With only the invoices we have, the amount is 3,350,000 F CFA, "she told Seneweb. The family contacted a doctor from Morocco. But surgical surgery required almost 10 million CFA CF. "We do not have that money and time is valuable.

The health of youngsters is getting worse, "his grandmother said. Then good wishes will help him. His family will collect over 12 million. She will then be evacuated to Morocco, where she will undergo surgery. But she will not survive.


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