Monday , June 21 2021

US values ​​will follow on Wall Street

February 13 (Reuters) – The key figures will follow on Wall Street Wednesday, where index futures signaled a slightly bigger opening:

* AMAZON and GENERAL MOTORS have begun discussions on a possible investment in Rivian Automotive, which has developed an electric pickup based on an estimate of between one and two billion dollars. we learned on Tuesday from several sources near the dossier.

* ACTIVISION BLIZZARD – The video game publisher gained 2.7% in avant-bourse after reporting earnings a little over expected in the fourth quarter while announcing the removal of about 800 jobs to dedicate gaming franchises. These messages overshadow the announcement of quarterly sales forecasts and the current quarter below market assessments.

* OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM – The oil company yesterday saw a quarterly profit that has tripled over a year and is higher than market expectations due to the strong growth in Perm's pool production.

* HILTON – The hotel group reported quarterly earnings better than expected and a turnover of 10.6% thanks to strong demand from business customers, allowing it to increase its prices.

* DISH NETWORK announced a decline of nearly 5% of its turnover in the fourth quarter on Wednesday and the satellite TV group has lost more subscribers than expected.

* LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR jumps 10% before opening. The chip maker announced a Tuesday night forecast for the first quarter of a turnover higher than expected, prompting Susqueana to raise his opinion of "neutral" to "positive" value.

* TRIPADVISOR lost 6% of the non-trading deal on Tuesday after closing. While its quarterly revenue exceeds expectations of $ 346 million (+ 8%), its adjusted earnings per share of 27 cents is two cents under the consensus of IBIN's Refinitiv.

* GROUPON reported on a quarterly profit below consensus due to the weakness of its business in North America. The action of grouped online shopping specialists fell 9.6% in avant-bourse. (Market Service)

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