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USA: 248 top skateboards sold at $ 800 – World

A complete collection of 248 skateboards produced by the Supreme brand was sold for $ 800,000 by a person at online auctions organized by the house. Sotheby's,

This is the best record for the sale of skateboards. In 2012 a skate boarder owned by Jamie Thomas was bought for $ 38,425 at a charity auction organized by the Tony Hawk Foundation. In June 2018, the Sotheby's, a series of eight boards customized by the American artist Kaws, was sold in Hong Kong for $ 55,000.

Founded in 1994 around a Soho neighborhood in New York City, Warfax quickly acquired a special status underground as well as sharp, with skateboarding and garments inspired by street wear.

Since 1998, the brand, founded by the British designer James JEBIA, has begun producing its own boards, decorated as works of art, in small series. Many are the result of collaboration with an artist, including Jeff Kunst, Damien Hurst or Richard Prince, or a brand, as recently with Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton's trunk

One of them, Ryan Fuller, made a complete, tricky collection, including a board for Nike Air Jordan socks in a warehouse in China. The collector in Los Angeles, who only started his search in 2005, finally managed to collect these 248 boards and decided to sell them. "I was trying not to buy as long as I knew that once I started I would have everyone," said Ryan Fuller in a video published by Sotheby's.

On Friday, after two weeks of online sales, the collection was auctioned at $ 800,000, the bottom of the forecast range rising to $ 1.2 million. The collection included a specially designed Vuitton rack as a part of the partnership with a boot manufacturer and costing several tens of thousands of dollars.

"This is considered an art," said Noah Unsh, head of e-commerce for Sotheby's. – People live with these boards.
"We have seen an increase in the value of skateboards over the last five years," he continues, "and we want to do more in this category." (AFP / NXP)

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