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Van Gaal has never seen Ribery as a star


Asked about Frank Ribery he had commanded at Bayern Munich from 2009 to 2011, Louis van Gaal did not really spare the former French international.

Van Gaal lights Ribery

In this interview provided to France Football, a Dutch technician criticizes the former Marseille mentality while responding to those who claim he is unable to rule the stars of the dressing room. "The star has status in the club as well as in the team. A coach comes who believes in a collective concept. Many of your colleagues wrote that I was unable to manage mature and confident players. This is wrong. It all depends on whether the player in question is ready to register or not as part of the team and in the collective structure that I want to create. I trained Figo and Rickard when I was thirty. At the age of thirty-four, Rijkaard was open to my ideas. He does not use his status for personal but collective purposes. These players are much more useful than what you call stars. Figo was my star. Ribery was not. She thought more of him than the team"the Dutchman missed.

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