Monday , October 3 2022

Various themes in the daily menu


Dakar, July 23 (APS) – Topics related to medical evacuation abroad, to inherit the leadership of the Socialist Party (PS) after Usamane's death, Tanor Dieng, are on the daily press menu, which also pays tribute to the president and general manager of the New African Flour Mill (NMA), Ameth Amar, died Monday in France.

The investigation finds a record of medical evacuations abroad and speaks of a "big nebula."

"Access to healthcare is a real obstacle in Senegal. Immons and those who are in the grace of the regime are not interested because they will be treated abroad, "the newspaper said.

– How many sanitary evacuations do they return after a year? The numbers collide. Who are the beneficiaries? One of the many issues emerging and joining the news marked by the death of Usamane Tannor Dijg in France and Mohamed Dion's French stay for illness and the posts in Facebook Guy Marius Sanya, who is in detention ties, "the newspaper adds.

Studies have shown that "if medical evacuation costs are not known and above all not communicated, this is due to the manipulations and abuses that circumvent this case, according to many health actors."

Sud Quotidien is interested in the "government" and the "future" of the Socialist Party after the death of his secretary-general, Usamane, Tanor Dieng.

After reminding God of the OTD, PS "appears to be in the hands of First Deputy Secretary General Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye, backed by the National Secretary for Party Election, Serigne Mbaye Thiam," according to South.

"However, it must be remembered that these two Socialist ministers are far from agreeing to remember the riots in the party during their re-election to President Mackay Sal's government," the paper noted. which shows on the first page: "After Tanor of all dangers!".

On the same subject Vox Populi's title: "Tanor and after Tanor, according to PS spokesman".

In the newspaper Abdullah Wiley, a spokesman for the PS, he says, "Tanor has disappeared as he lived: worthy and discreet, gentle and disciplined." "All together, around the executive secretariat, chaired by Ms Amina Mbenge Ndiai as Deputy Secretary General of the Party," Wilane still releases.

According to Le Soleil, the High Council of Local Authorities (HCCT) "complains about its president." Yesterday, HCCT opened a book of condolences to pay tribute to its late president, Usmanne Tanor Dieng. The first to sign this document all praised the qualities of their president, whose disappearance is a great loss to this structure.

The daily press pays tribute to NMA Sanders CEO Ameth Amar, who died in Paris on Monday, as testified by these different Une. "Senegal loses a big sponsor" (The Tribune). "Amet Amar, the model falls apart" (Libération). For Le Quotidien, Senegal is losing a captain.

New Amf Amar Chief Executive Officer Ameth Amar died on Monday in Paris, France, after feeling unwell, learning APS from sources close to his family.

The deceased, the founder of AMM's agribusiness, is considered one of Senegal's most influential and wealthy entrepreneurs. The new African mill is a Senegalese industrial company that produces wheat flour, feed, poultry, fish food and pasta.


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