Monday , September 26 2022

(Video) Gouy mistletoe: "My door is Ama Baldé, my metina door too … sou, you teugaaté against bi …"


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Gouy Gui still hasn't understood his defeat against Ama Baldé in January 2016. The pill really struggled to pass for the Guédiawaye wrestler who Ko entered from the first minute while performing his traditional "Diatt". For him, Pikine's son is unfair in this matter.


In an exclusive interview given to Senego, the Pitcher of Siteu claimed that Ama Baldé could not defeat him. "It doesn't matter to me. He doesn't even dare. I'll hit him easily", he told our reporter microphone, Pope Maguette. Look!


Malick Dabo / Senegal7


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