Thursday , June 17 2021

"We decided to attack the polling stations"

That those who believe that Abdullah Wade is giving up his logic of sabotaging the 24 February elections are unrecognized. Pope's Sophy is more than determined to keep his promise.

Today, on the occasion of the Management Committee meeting held in a hotel on the site, the former president of the Republic of Senegal invited his people to start their plan so that the elections would not take place. , It will be the attack of the polling stations. "We decided to attack the polling stations in order to avoid elections, pick up the protocol, put gas and burn it," he told his supporters. However, he advises not to burn the houses.

According to Abdoulaye Wade, voter cards must suffer the same fate as protocols. "But do not burn your ID cards," Wade asks. If Sopi's Pope shows such a pose, it is because he is convinced that the dice are already in charge of the presidential election.

According to him, Maki Sal creates a fraud system to pass the first round. "He crushed the election card, they created fictitious polling stations in fictitious polling stations, created false voters from the dead file," accuses Wade of 352,000 voters being created by the process.

He did not fail to use the sponsorship he presented as an anti-democratic system.

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