Wednesday , September 28 2022

"What Maki has to do for Khalifa Sal"


Medina's mayor was surprised by the reporter from Senego, who was making some streets of Medina. Ability to talk to him about Khalifa Sal.

Maki has to go beyond

thanks ……

When all complaints are exhausted, what does President McCain Sal expect to forgive the former Dakar mayor, Khalifa Sal? – I'm waiting for more than grace. I expect amnesty. Where we have amassed Kledor Sen and others, why not Khalifa Sal, wondering Bamba Fall Cutting Mesh.

A Khalifa amnesty so that he meets the conditions

According to the Mayor of Medina, we must amputate Khalifa Sal to be admissible. – Grace is letting her out in the wind. he can begin with grace and then summon the National Assembly for amnesty. This would be an eloquent return of money because it prevented him from being a candidate.

supports Bamba Fall

Return to the strength of Ps

And Mayor Bamba Paul will think about the Socialist Party's gathering and about that confidence that made Usomane Tanor Dieng. "He recently called me home and told me, among other things, that the PSP's political office has already given its commitment to President Mackay Sal for his second term. But now that Maki will no longer be a candidate, we strive to bring the PS back to power.

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