Monday , October 3 2022

while waiting for the octagon with Booba, he trains in an impressive ax!


Kaaris: As long as we wait for the octagon with Booba, he trains in an impressive quivering fire!

Last week, the French youtubeur, Mohamed Henni, revealed a video that finally announced the date and place of the octagon battle in Kaaris and Booba, in anticipation of this event, which should be the historical one the Sevran rapper uses on a thrown ax.

In fact, K2Aris has just published this Monday in his Instagram account of a new video where he is training to shoot the target ax with the legend "Sheeeeshhh sco pa pa you manaa #uncoupko"Sequence that quickly made the buzz on the social network more than 500,000 views for several hours, and consumers also enjoyed mentioning B2O in the comments to make her react.

The duel of the ring between Booba and Kaaris must finally be Saturday, 30 November 2019 in Basel, Switzerland, to 12,000 people, SHC promoter will offer the sum of 1.5 million euros to the winner and 500.000 euros to the loser of the fight. MMA, the latter still has to sign the contract to formalize the fight before selling the ticket.

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