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Who is Bilal Hasani, youtubeur has become the favorite of "Destination Eurovision"?

A favorite of social networks, the 19-year-old singer is in a good position to win the Eurovision song contest of the "Eurovision Destination" broadcast on France 2 on Saturday night. 60 million views on YouTube

He is in competition with Chimène Badi and Emmanuel Moire and that's it"impresses a lot". However, among the eight candidates who will compete in the final of the Eurovision Destination, broadcast on Saturday, January 26 live in France 2, Bilal Hasani, 19, is a favorite. His song king, who wrote with Madame Gordon, the tricolor duet arrived in 13th place in the previous Eurovision Song Contest, making it a serious candidate to represent France at the Song Contest to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel in May.

"I make my life / Do not ask me who I am", the young man sings in his song. "I am a young boy who first has a passion for singing, but I am very much"– he says. Bilal Hasani is almost unknown for the little screen, a YouTube star – identified with the color wigs he proudly carries – and the goal of homophobic and racist insults and threats on social networks.

At the beginning of his life there is a song, like a clip king, filled with personal archive footage. While singing "I am / the same of a very small"we can see Bilal, a child who makes the show for his family.

I've been singing since I was a baby, I was singing before I talk, my mom told me.Bilal Hasaniin France

Raised by his mother in the Paris area, he follows a school trip "Chaotic" But Bilal is the most important thing else: he is not 10 years old, teaching lessons in singing, dancing, piano and guitar. He loves RnB and Pop, listening to Beyoncé and Freddie Mercury. In October 2015 he made his first television show at The Voice Kids.

When he is 16, he still does not wear a wig, his glasses frame is not round and thin, but rectangular and thick. the interpretation Sunrise like a phoenix Conchita Wurst, Eurovision winner 2014, Bilal Hasani, turns three red chairs into TF1 teleport.

Eliminated in the next stage of the show, Bilal did not say his last word. Invited by his friends, the talented a thousand year old invests social networks. "YouTube is part of things that have become important in my life, because it gives me pleasure, that amuses me. And all this I do because life is shortJust explained the young man.

From 2016, his channel is powered by his original songs, covers, but also videos that drive him among the most popular French youtubers among teenagers. Bilal Hasani believed in the skype talk. With humor, he tells about his everyday life, his failures (like the time he was fired from college after flirting with another trainee in the fourth), presents his mother (who responds to "bad comments!") or his brother to internet users, answering questions from his subscribers, taking challenges or even testing makeup.

"Good evening Pariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis, yeeeeaaaaa va haeeaaaaaaaaa!" It is with this cult trick that he starts each of his clips. Sequences filled with effects of web culture, memes and franglais. "Disgusting," "Shaken," "Sweet," "Iconic" : terms of the American pop culture that contribute to the touch of the brilliant Bilal Hasani.

Sometimes, he admits he's trying to get Internet users with the headlines of his videos: "From clickbait to death, but it's just that people, you love to dramatize well, because I have a life a little strange, I wear wigs", so entertains the young man in one of them. Because behind an obvious ease Bilal Hasani knows how to transmit messages and plays clichés. Her wigs (to which he gives names like Verona, Sormi, Kat or Guillah) make many conversations, his subscribers regularly ask him about his sex or his sexuality.

"It makes me happy to make you think so much (…)he took care of another of his videos. You ask too many questions, you have to stop (…). I will tell you that at the end of the day I am Bilal Hasani. I wear wigs because I love him (…). The rules that are given to me by the public in relation to what I have to do, what I have to wear, what I have to put, and how I have to act, do not respect them (…). I enjoy myself.

Bilal Hasani has fun and accepts. The wig that only carries in the clips or on the stage. "As a child I was taking rags or towels because I love long hair Today the wig is just something that I feel invincible, a superhero nose"– says the young man to call France.

"I'm not in the codes / I'm afraid of it", he sings king, "At just 19, he questions the relationship with masculinity, he just does what he likes and shows it is possible", notes Mathilde Truong, a journalist, who has dedicated her to an article ("Bill Hassani, this model I would like to have").

He invites teenagers to be what they are, and to do what they want without worrying about the look, the judgments, and the chalets we can put in. With goodness it opens up many people to help you feel better and feel better for yourself.Mathilde Truong, a journalist at Madmoizelle.comin France

However, the director refused to take on the role of a spokesman for a cause. "I do not accept it as a responsibility, but I'm glad my message can resonate with some people who sometimes feel less powerful than others"– he explains. "What we / we have not chosen", he sums up in king, And the message resonates. Today more than 700,000 subscribers follow youtubeur. He turns to a true community "my life", "my chips" or again "my legends" and which offers him hundreds of thousands of views, sometimes millions.

They are also more than 110,000 followers on Twitter and more than 330,000 on Instagram. All assets are targeting the Eurovision application. "Bilal Hasani was not unknown before the Eurovision Destination semi-finals, he is a YouTube star, dear and charismatic, with many fans behind him, and that can help make a voice out of the audience.", says Fabien Randanne, a journalist at 20 minutes and an Eurovision specialist. The video of king it also exceeds 5 million YouTube views and the title is number one in iTunes.

But such exposure on the Internet is not without risk. The wig, the makeup is ridiculous. His homosexuality assumed – he made his exiting in a song on Twitter in June 2017 – makes it the main target of homophobia. And in November 2018, after publishing a plain cover cover for Aya Nakamura's pipe, Djadjaa hint of hatred falls on Bilal. He calls for murder amid an apology for terrorism. This time the young man complains and condemns the inertia of social networks against harassment. He then gets the support of two MPs who want Twitter "implementing a more active and firm policy " in regard to "Combating cyberbullying and LGBTphobies in France".

I get a lot of love, even if there is still a little noisy minority. They make noise, so we notice them. I'm trying to stop paying attention.Bilal Hasaniin France

To protect, the artist has installed an application that filters out hateful messages. And he is forced to spend his time in his balloon: – With my motheraway from my phone as much as I can, or with my friends. We create small moments that we are not talking about. " Besides her mother where she lives, Bilal Hasani can rely on weight support, like Aya Nakamura, who appears in the music video. kingEven Jennett Jackson noticed and encouraged her on social networks.

What better prepares the finish of the Eurovision Destination. Enter the competition "Child dream" : "I look at" Eurovision "at the age of 9, too stylish! there is enthusiasm. "Beyond the song, the candidate is fully capable of taking the Eurovision Song Contest to tour the European media, take part in concerts abroad … Bilal Hasani, this is a story"Judge Fabien Randand. in king, a ballad that tells about her own trip, the young man replaces French verses and choir in English and French. Formula that can fly into international competition.

for "Shine" as he sings kingBilal Hasani works with a choreographer. "During the couple he is alone on the set because we want him to tell his story so that people who do not know him do not stop on the wig but listen to the textsays director Mehdi Kerkush. At the chorus we make the show because Bilal is a showman. For the final, the choreographer works "improved version" of the presentation in the semi-finals.

"When I Dream, I'm a King"proclaims Bilal Hasani in people of his song dedicated to him "Self-acceptance", kingwe mean "listen to your heart before listening to what others can say about you"– he says. What does his heart say when the singer approaches the crown? "To be able to wear the colors of my Eurovision country, it would be a magical, crazy, unforgettable experience that you will tell your children and grandchildren!"

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