Monday , June 14 2021

Women "Halifist" to cancel their leader's candidacy: "All institutions have been trying to kill a citizen"

For women close to Khalifa Sal, the Constitutional Council made a "political effort." This to ensure re-election "without danger to student-dictator" Mackay Sal.

"The constitutional council has completed the biggest conspiracy in our country by canceling the candidacy of Khalifa Abakarqar Sal in the presidential election on February 24, 2019," said women close to the former mayor of Dakar. In a statement, Khalifa Sal's supporters call Mackie Sal the responsibility for their mentor's failures. "By order of the outgoing candidate and the National Assembly, the investigator, the Prosecutor's Office, the Dakar Criminal Court, the Dakar Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, all on a mission, the Constitutional Council has fulfilled the political order: to remove at any cost and in violation of the law candidate Khalifa Ababakar Sal to ensure re-election without danger to the apprentice-dictator, "condemns Aisatou Fall and his comrades.
The rejection of Khalifa Sal's candidacy marks the culmination of the political cabal, where all the institutions of the republic have gathered to kill a citizen, they analyze. However, they warn women of Taxawu senegaal, Khalifa Sal "remains in force, morality is always higher, and beliefs are still attached to the body." Moreover, they condemn the arrest of their young comrades, who demonstrated after the publication of the final list of candidates. "In an attempt to intimidate and mute all those who broadcast different positions of official propaganda, the power of Mackay Sal put his political police into hunting and discussing young opposition activists," we regret. -This.
These supporters of the former MP deprived last week of the National Assembly described as "kidnapping" the arrest of Habib Mubup, pope Konare Diate and Arona Sal, "kidnapped from Monday to Tuesday by a Gestapo from Mackay Sal." These "Halifists" conclude: "We hold the responsible Mackey Sal and his Home Secretary for all the consequences that could result from their kidnapping. We insist on the immediate release of these young people, as well as of Al Hussein, and the immediate arrest of these arbitrary arrests, the only source of which is the fear and cowardice of the current regime. "
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