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WWE NXT Results of 13 February 2019

Photo: WWE

February 13 WWE NXT Summary

WWE NXT Orlando, FL
The commentators are Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness.

– The WWE NXT show starts with a picture in memory of Pedro Morales and then the first battle.

– Match for the single

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Shane Thorn

At the end of the battle, Dijakovic crosses Thorne to the bottom of the ring and takes him back to the ring to make his Feast Your Eyes for three.

Winner: Dominic Djakovic

"Behind the scenes, we find an uncontested era. Adam Cole says it's enough to hear that they had a bad start of the year. Kyle says the first step is to regain the titles on the team and then declare they are the best team. Bobby Ryb says they are undisputed and take what is theirs. Strong say that this means he will be able to take a solo title with Fish and Kyle for the titles in the team. Cole says they will all have gold that NXT can offer. He starts tonight with Ricochet. They will show NXT and Ricochet that 2019 will be their year.

"Behind the scenes, Io Shiraj says she has proven she can beat Champion Shaina with her bill last Wednesday. Now she comes for the title. Bianca Belair said she had Shaina win at TakeOver, so Shirai has to wait for her turn.

– Umberto Carrillo and Stacey Erwin are waiting for their opponent in the ring, but Cassius Ono arrives. Ono says it's a two-year action. He watched the monitor and saw familiar faces in the crowd of the Full Sail. He just wanted to tell them that fans were sick. The sound they make, the songs they make, and their expression. Ono says he'll go to a place where he can show he's the best. Keith Lee arrives and hits Ono in the back! Keith Li picks up the microphone and says, "Oh … No. It could have been much worse. Lee says he has to be careful when it comes out that the door does not hit him in the ass. Lee apologizes for the break and good show.

Match team labels

Umberto Carrillo and Stacey Erwin junior against street winnings (Mount Ford and Angelo Dawkins)

At the end of the Battle of Dawkins, Carroll pulled the ring off. Ford continues with Erwin's Blockbuster, and they complement Erwin's electric chair on behalf of three.

Winners: Street winnings

– After the battle, Montez takes the microphone and says he wants to add to the action for the titles of the team. NXT was a trainer for them. It's good, but they're ready to take their place at any time. They are cut off by Fabian Eichner and Marcel Bartel, who arrive in the ring. Marcel tells street profits to stay away, for no one but them deserves a chance to face the military assailants.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan arrive to show their interest in the titles. The military assailants arrive. Rowe says he speaks a lot about titles, but there is no struggle. Hansen says if anyone wants titles, it's time to make a move. Hansen and Row go to the ring, but they are attacked by the Unstoppable Era! The military assailants are alone in the ring against everyone, but Row releases Lorcan to everyone to save.

"Behind the scenes, Johnny Gargano says his emotions have begun in 2018. The only person who knows what's good about him is Johnny Gargano. It took him a long time to understand, but he knew his destiny. He will show how dangerous he can be.

– Match for the single

Tainara Conti vs Alia

At the end of the battle Aliyah applied Kimura Lock to Conti to hit him.

Winner: Alia by submitting

"After the battle, Vanessa Born, who watched the battle, went into the ring to celebrate with Alia. Shayna Baszler's trio arrives and attacks Borne and Aliyah. Shafer attacks Aliya and Duke with kicks. Basler finally ends with Conti's Gurbster. Basler states that this is their reality and nobody should stop them.

– Behind the scenes, Velveteen Dream says he is ready for his title battle, as he can live with the pressure.

– Match for the single

They are against Adam Cole

At the end of the battle, Ricochet hit Cole and nailed to a series of Supplex to finish with Vertigo at the expense of three.

Winner: Ricky

– After the fight, the undisputed era attacked Ricochet in the ring. Alistair Black arrives in the ring, but Cole calls him with Super Kick, and Strong continues to suffer mental pain. The show ends with a celebration of the undisputed era.

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