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WWE SmackDown Results April 23, 2019

Photo: WWE

April 23 WWE SD Live summary

WWE SmackDown Lincoln, Nebraska.

The commentators are Tom Phillips, Byron Sakston and Cory Grave.

– The show begins with Tom, who meets us and Shane McMahon arrives in the ring. Shane says he is not in a good mood tonight, so Greg Hamilton is good at presenting it quickly. Greg introduces Shane. Shane says tonight we're here to talk about Roman. In particular, what Raines made to his father last Tuesday. Shane presents a video of Reigns, who makes his Superman Punch at Vince at the end of SmackDown's last episode. Shane asks what kind of person dares to hit a father. His father is the best person the world has ever worn, national wealth. The range that strikes Vince is like disrespect for the American flag. Shane says this is not all: hit your father, Reigns hit the WWE director. These actions will have consequences. What would be appropriate to punish him? Good? Stop? Turn it around? No, we will do something different. They'll put it in the ring! Shane commands to come here and he has no choice: he is his employee. The reign arrives in the ring, the two men look at each other.

At the end of the reign of the microphone, Shane does the same! Elias arrives, but Ravens sees him in time and gives him his front hands! Shane uses the ability to attack Reigns in the back. Shane pursues Reigns, but Reigns repels him and hits him. Elias returns to the ring to help Shane. Elias and Shane Lynch Reynis, Elias ends with a neck breaker.

After the break, behind the scenes, Elias and Shane greet their attack. Elias says this is just the beginning.

– Behind the scenes, Kayla is with Kofi Kingston to feel right before his first race ever since WrestleMania 35. Kofi says the love and support of WWE Universe continue to grow a little more every week. Xavier Woods arrives and tells him to be heard. Coffey says he is a WWE Champion. Coffey says we know Big E will come back soon, but meanwhile have an honorary member – Big O! Kevin Owens arrives and asks if he is ready for Nakamura. Coffey agrees. Owens says he knows Coffey will win tonight because the New Day rocks.

– Behind the scenes, Zelina Vega says that Balor tried to escape from them thanks to Superstar Shake-Up, but that's impossible. Andrade says he wants more, wants the title "Intercontinental," wants to destroy the finesse of the Finnish balloon.

– Match the single – no title

Finn Baler against Andrade accompanied by Zelina Vega

At the end of the battle, Vega climbs to the corner and shoots the cross body, but Balor avoids it and falls to Andrade! Baloger took advantage of the opportunity to strike Andradde against the corner. Baler continues with his Coupe de Grasch on behalf of three.

Winner: Finn Balor

– Behind the scenes, Elias sings that there is a proposal for Roman Raines: the reign has to face him with money in the bank to find the universal truth. Shane McMahon arrives and says this is a great idea! Shane and Elias leave with a car.

– Conversely, Iiconics arrives. Peyton says she expected better when Paige annoyed her new team. Tonight Sane must know his first loss at SmackDown Live.

– Match for the single

Kiriy Sain accompanied by Paige and Asuka against Patton Royce accompanied by Billie Kay

At the end of the battle, Sane made Royce's Elbow Drop as a result of three in a quick victory.

Winner: Kiri Sain

– After the game, Mandy Rose and Sonia Devil arrive on the stage to applaud the winner.

"Back, behind the stage, we find Alistair Black. The black man says we know who he is. But do we know what it is done for? It is very complicated to explain in detail, but we will have enough time to find it in the coming weeks.

– Novak at SmackDown Live, Jinder Mahal is waiting for his rival Chad Gable. Gable arrives on stage, but he is attacked in the back by Lars Sullivan! Lars crushed him against the ladder and entered the ring. Mahal runs away, but Lars manages to catch the Singh brothers. Lars earns his Freak Accident at Samir Singh and continues with Sunil's Powerbomb. R-Truth enters the ring and hits him, but Lars presses him to the ground. Lars continues with Powerbomb.

– Back behind the scenes, Kayla asks Roman Reigns for his answer to the bank money. Reigns says that at MITB he will break Elias's jaw so that he accepts the challenge!

– Charlotte Fleur arrives in the ring. Charlotte says that in WrestleMania 35 the three best women in the industry competed in the main event: Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and her. Becky counted Russi's three and won the women's RAW and SmackDown titles. But she, Charlotte, did not write and did not get three. The bottom line is that Becky has not defeated him. She wants Becky to come and explain how she thinks she deserves to be the champion of SmackDown. Becky Lynch arrives in the ring. Becky says it is Winner AllDoes Charlotte hardly understand what this means? Becky says she's focused on Ronda Rosie, the woman no one has ever won. She was pretty often Charlotte so she did not have to do it again. Charlotte says he knows Becky just thinks about her. While she has a new RAW claimant in Lacey Evans, Becky continues to talk about Charlotte in her promotions and on Twitter.

Becky says Charlotte would have better deal with his loss. Charlotte says Becky is right, but her days as a champion are numbered. Becky has everything he can lose, he does not. When Becky ends up with Evans, it's up to her – Charlotte – to do it! Becky says he wants Charlotte to make room for more decent girls like Bailey or Ember Luna. If Charlotte agrees to ask, she will be ready to face him after Pari at the Bank. Bayley arrives and says Superstar Shakpe-Up should give a taste of freshness and novelty, but what she has right now is a repeat of the rivalry that has already been seen too much. Becky may have been Charlotte many times, but she never beat her! Charlotte tells Bailly to take a ticket and a queue, Sdradown is still his show. Bailey says it is time for Charlotte to win the right to seek the title. Who deserves the most to challenge Becky at MITB? They will understand it by facing each other now. Charlotte says Bailey does not even deserve his time. Bailey puts Charlotte's microphone on the ground!

– On the contrary, the fight begins.

– Match for the single

The winner will have a chance for women's title.

Charlotte Fleur vs. Bailie

At the end of the battle, Bailey goes to the corner, but Charlotte repels her. Charlotte wants to apply his figure, but Bailey surprises her with a quick answer, Charlotte resists! Charlotte was fastened with a copy at the expense of three.

Winner: Charlotte Fleur

– Behind the stage, Calya asks Beckie Lynch why she accepts her second contender. Becky says he'll beat Lacey Evans before he can take off his glove and continue with Charlotte. At MITB, she will defend the RAW title against Evans and then the title SmackDown vs. Charlotte. And she will always be Beckydouble belts"After.

– Back, we present a fake children's show led by Bray Wyatt. Wyatt asks if we have missed it. Wyatt says we have missed him and we all have fun in his house of pleasure. This is his special house, and he burns out of desire to show us what he has learned. Wyatt introduced his dolls to the videos we saw. Wyatt says we will all love what he can offer us. Before he was a bad boy, but he must be trusted, he was punished for all these bad actions. It's a thing of the past and will never come back. He will never be the loser he used to be. Wyatt cuts an old picture. Wyatt says he will always highlight the way, just let us go. Wyatt ends by saying that we'll see you again next week.

– Match the single – no title

Kofi Kingston accompanied by Kevin Owens and Xavier Woods against Shinsuke Nakamura accompanied by Russev and Lana

At the end of the battle, Kofi made SOS to Nakamura and covered him, but Roussev blocked the account!

Winner: Coffey Kingston by disqualification

– After the fight, Woods and Owens are pursuing Roussev strikes. Owens throws Rousseff in the ring, and Woods does the same with Nakamura. Woods starts suicide on Russev, but Nakamura makes his Kinshasa! Nakamura falls into the ring and Koffi is doing it in Paradise. Kofi was going to celebrate, but Owens gave him Supermarket! Owens chases Coffey and takes him to the ring to throw him against the barricade. Owens returns Coffey back to the ring and poses with WWE with one foot on Coffey. Owens resumed his attack on Coffey and would do it with Powerbomb on the apron, but Woods hit him. Owens repels Woods from him and gives him the power of an apron. The show ends too.

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