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WWE SmackDown Results from February 12, 2019

Photo: WWE

February 12 WWE SD Live summary

WWE SmackDown Toledo, Ohio

The commentators are Tom Phillips, Byron Sakston and Cory Grave.

– The WWE SmackDown show begins with a picture in memory of Pedro Morales. Then we present the RAW video last night when Vince McMahon announces that Charlotte takes the place of Becky Lynch for WrestleMania 35. Charlotte Fleur's music begins and she arrives in the ring. Charlotte says that from the first she tells us that WrestleMania is her destiny. She would like to say that her heart is based on Becky, but not. Charlotte says we're still just like the Survivor series when Becky was injured just before the show. Why did Becky choose it? So the human myth goes on and the queen goes to the battlefield. She is the winner. Charlotte says Vince McMahon has chosen him for business choice. Vince has chosen a future family room instead of someone who has only a few good months. Vince chose him because the battle will be the biggest of the year and he does not want to risk with a flash like Becky.

Charlotte says he can promise us that WrestleMania will be like the other PPVs that were at the main event. We all will be on our feet, screaming that it's great. Charlotte says this historic moment at WrestleMania, where she will win, will be dedicated to her best friend Becky Lynch, Wooo! Charlotte says he will be in the ring for the Elimination Chamber to watch Ronda Rousse. It will not interfere, but who knows, maybe there will be another opponent for WrestleMania?

"After the break, behind the scenes, New Day discusses between them to find out who will take Mustafa Ali's place to the Elimination Chamber as he is injured.

– Triple Threat Tag Team Match

The rising team will take first place in the Elimination Chamber.

Carmella and Naomi vs. Patton Royce and Billy Kay vs. Mandy Rose and Sonia Devil

At the end of the battle, Naomi made Split with her legs go down to Rose for three while Carmela called Devil with Supercark.

Winners: Carmella and Naomi

– After the battle, Iiconics, who stayed at the bottom of the ring all the fight rises in the ring to attack Carmella and Naomi!

– At home, Mustafa Ali says he has just received another big hit. WWE informs him that he has not been released by the doctor and will not be able to fight on Sunday in the House for Elimination. He loses his chance for the WWE title. His body leaves him in front of his heart. This is not the end for him, he takes longer than Samoa Joe, Eric Rowan and Samoa Joe who hit him. He will not remain on the ground.

– McMah TV

Miz and Shane McMahon are in the ring for the first McMiz TV. Miz welcomes us with this McMiz TV. Miz says teamwork needs the best team and team champions. The USSR launched a strong message last Tuesday and listened. Champions are always sought after. Not last past Tuesday, he was on a photo shoot for his reality show and for shooting Shane for a TV series. Shane puts Usso on the ring. Jimmy thanked Shane for the invitation, but they would stay. I say we have the best team in the world. Jimmy says it's more like fake Usos who want to play the best. Shane says no, they are the best team in the world.

I wonder if they are traveling together, training together or eating together, the answers are no. Jimmy says you need to do the team test. Usos's questions are connected as a favorite color to show that they know each other. Miss and Shane do the same, but Miss answers him. Jimmy says it's enough to talk about it. Miss asks if we need to talk about Mandy Rose? Jimmy is disappointed. Shane tells him to be careful because he will hit him so hard that the twin will feel it. Jay grabs the microphone and tells Miss to shut up. They are in front of a real team that will be a six-time champion, welcome to the jail. Shane says the only thing that's true is the title. The title will be even more beautiful when Usso falls. They will be seen on Sunday. The CEOs were leaving, but they made Double Supercross to Miss and Shane!

– Back, Daniel Brian and Rowan arrive in the ring. Brian says a lot of people here want to see that he's losing his WWE title to the Removal Chamber. Brian says the truth is that we lie ourselves. Since we are all lost, we need him as a WWE champion to live our pitiful life. Brian says he does not want to take part in the fight for the elimination chamber because he's painful and will cut his career, but he has to sacrifice himself. He does not want to be called a martyr, but his victim is necessary to remain a champion. New Day's music cuts off. A new day arrives and members hesitate to know who will take part in the battle. Eventually, Kofi Kingston occupies this place.

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