Monday , June 14 2021

3,2,1 … Let's go! Pampers pants for active babies

When babies become active and begin to play through movements, dressing and other seemingly simple actions become difficult and difficult for both the baby and the parents. The baby has to stop exploring his world at these moments, which makes him annoying.

Photo: Promo

Photo: Promo

That's why Pampers decided to help and market smaller Pampers Pants diapers – for babies 6+ months old that are very easy to use and provide up to 12 hours of moisture protection even in the summer!

Every caring mom strives to do her best for her baby's skin. She is looking for a simple solution to keep her baby's skin healthy, beautiful and gentle to the touch. She wants to allow the baby's skin to feel the freshness of the air all day long. When the baby's skin is exposed to the flow of fresh air, it is not only a benefit to the skin, but also to the development of the baby's senses, communication with the environment and family members. Mom wants to allow her baby to move freely, without unnecessary clothing, and to explore the environment in her diapers that have elastic edges. By choosing Pampers Pants diapers of exceptional quality, through which the air circulates and which allows the baby to move freely, Mom provides the baby's skin in the diaper area with ideal care and protection.

Pediatrician specialist Pampers Dr. Julka Damjanovic said: "As a pediatrician, I recommend changing diapers regularly, especially during the first baby months, so choosing a diaper is extremely important. Keeping your baby in quality and breathable diapers like Pampers Pants will help you maintain the ideal conditions for baby skin inside the diaper. It is an environment in which air can circulate, conditions are balanced and humidity is quickly removed from the skin. When the skin is dry and healthy, the baby will have normal development and growth. "

Having enough clean air inside the diaper gives the child a sense of anxiety and comfort. Elastic edges carry freedom of movement which, together with the absence of negative stimuli (such as excessive tightness of the diaper that prevents the skin from breathing and thus often leads to irritation of the baby's skin and agitation), gives the baby an experience of freedom and comfort, which positively affects his mental state. , Meeting these basic needs and not worrying has a positive effect on your baby's mood. This creates favorable conditions and motivates the child to engage in creative play, which gives her the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to acquire new skills.

Summer days are all around us and parents are wondering how to train their little ones when to take them for a walk. It often happens that for fear of a cold, they train their baby as a small astronaut. Therefore, the pediatrician's first advice is to dress the baby with only one layer more than their parents. Clothes should be breathable, soft and comfortable, preferably cotton, using diapers like Pampers Pants that allow for loose movement due to elastic edges.

For all moms who haven't had the opportunity to try out Pampers Pants on their toddlers, great action at Maxi's facilities: For every Pampers Pampers purchased, you get Pampers Pants for $ 1!

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