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5 signs that vitamin D is missing

Harvard studies have shown that one billion people worldwide suffer from vitamin D. Deficiency can contribute to this by not exposing our skin to sufficient sunlight and avoiding the consumption of foods rich in this vitamin, thus deliberately approaching to this group of people.

Vitamin D consists of 7 vitamins that are synthesized in the skin under the influence of the sun, most commonly found in fish oil, dairy products, meat, mushrooms and egg yolks.

This vitamin plays an important role in maintaining the concentration of calcium in our body, contributing to the strengthening of the bones and health of our teeth, as well as the strengthening of muscle tone.

Vitamin D deficiency in your body is indicated by the following symptoms:

1. Your bones are fragile

The body stops building bone mass for about thirty years, throughout our lives, and vitamin D deficiency will accelerate the symptoms of osteoporosis. People with less vitamin D in the body are more prone to bone fracture than people with normal vitamin D.

2. Frequent bone pain

Mild but persistent bone and joint pain may be due to medical conditions such as arthritis, osteomalacia, or fibromyalgia. But this unpleasant feeling can also be caused by vitamin D deficiency.

3. You're in a bad mood

In most cases, clinical depression is also directly related to vitamin D. Deficiency Although there is no clear evidence, experts believe that vitamin D deficiency affects the secretion and amount of the hormone serotonin, which determines mood in humans.

4. Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating has many causes, one of which is the lack of vitamin D in the human body.

5. Feeling weak and tired

Do you feel tired and weak even after a good eight hours of sleep? You may suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin D. Not only is iron responsible for body strength, but also for the vitamin that enhances muscle control. The good news is that muscles regenerate quickly and that by consuming foods that contain Vitamin D, you can easily improve your muscle tone.

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