Sunday , June 20 2021

ANGELS OF NON-WASHED LEAVES: From the message of Emilyan Salle's sister and the image of his nephew, I AM A STONE! (PHOTO) sport

The sisters of the dead Argentinian footballer Emiliya Saleh, Romina, shared the world of images and the message that the stone would cry.

The plane dies after the fall of the plane that flew from Nantes to Cardiff where it must continue its career.

Fate did not allow him to wear a son of nine clubs from Wales, but his sister was dressed.

Romina publishes photos of her one-year-old son in Cardiff with number nine and Sala, posted on "Instagram."

She wrote with pictures:

"My angels hugged me with my soul, my angels with unclean wings, my angels, I love you, I am so fragile I know you will always be the light that illuminates the way And I will tell you every moment of happiness we had , every embrace every smile dedicated to him and great love for him We love and miss you very much.

( sport, Photo: AP)



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