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APPLE NEWS: The next iPad Pro may have three cameras, and new rumors suggest the company may …

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Apple is expected to launch the next iPhone with three cameras on the back, and new rumors suggest that the company's next iPad models may have more cameras.

Mac Otakara announces that the next iPad Pro may come with three cameras, while the standard 10.2-inch iPad may have two cameras.

This information is based on charts for iPad accessories that come from Apple manufacturers and suggest that the iPad Pro will get a larger camera system.

He also points to the possibility of a sixth-generation iPad to deploy two cameras on the back. The new iPad is coming in October.

Although Apple introduced two cameras on the back of several newer iPhone models, the company did not transfer that solution to its tablets. The latest iPad Pro has a single 12MP camera, while the iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad come with 8MP cameras.

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