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Birchevich: My club is a representative of the club itself

Stefan јe only member of the Serbian national team who still has no professional involvement

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Stefan Birchev She is one of the candidates for representation – representing Serbia at the World Championships in China – without a professional club engagement. The deal is Bono Mu expired and whatever he says …

"I'm a free agent myself."

How much does it leak to your location and radni elan? ”They asked Birchevich, the dock at the Nikola Tesla Airport awaited the flight of the plane to Athens.

My club is smoking itself in representation – he answered as he did from the top, let's add and talk like a basketball player. – I don't ax, I don't even think about the volume. He left the club search to my manager himself, I have more credence with him, the cadet finds the right middle – I will sign.

The primers are very useful to the players of Suhun.

“Of course, I'm getting better, I'll be in top shape. All my thoughts are docking alone in representations of embroidered sou. Either the staff can't mumble it.

You are currently 13 in representation, Milos Theodosius It is damaged. Are you thinking about which beat count?

– No, everyone is struggling to stretch themselves, and theirs is to the selector Georgiev. Goodbye, then, no nervousness was felt. The staff will be.

Stefan Birchev He is 29 years old, 210 cm tall, a bio representative of three great competitions, and has three silver medals in his collections. Certainly, a man of faith Alexandra Georgiev.

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