Sunday , October 24 2021

Brain is famous for celebrating ropes, and the arrival of Alexandra Prijovic is excited about everything!


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This evening, a great feast was held at the house of Zivovinovich, celebrating Aranjeljaz's family's glory, and many celebrities gathered on this occasion.

Lepa Brenna

Lepa Brenna • RAS Serbia

Among the first, Alexandra Prijovic arrived with her husband Philip Jivonovich in the villa of Lepa Brenna, who enjoyed her appearance and did not feel well.

Let's recall that in the first few months of the year Alexandra will become a mother and, as Brenna has recently pointed out, she is also a difficult pregnant woman, but she has the pleasure of meeting her.

Alexandra Prijovic and Philip Jivonovich
Alexandra Prijovic and Philip Jivonovic • Zoran Ilic / SRS Serbia

Branica Nevitic, married to Georgić and Branislav, was surprised and her appearance at the age of 50 left it all without text.

The participants commented that Branca, who had long been on small screens, never looked better as she patiently posed to the photographers.

Branka Nevitic
Branka Nevistic • Zoran Ilich / RAS Serbia

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