Saturday , June 19 2021

"Bugatti" for Geneva saved a "beast" worth 16 million euros

This car is produced in only a few copies a year in France, and the engine and equipment are German. Under the hood, a modified osmotic quad turbine W16 is expected to develop more than 1500 horsepower. From zero to 100 kilometers per hour he arrives in 2.5 seconds, and the whole car is made of kevlar and nanomaterial.

"The annual maintenance of" veirron "is 19,000 euros, and this service includes replacement of all liquids but also general control of the vehicle You can immediately pay 50,000 euros and the service is free but you have to bring the car to the service , which is a price depending on where you drive, "says Stefan Vilkman of Bugatia.

One of the biggest concerns is, of course, the tires you will have to change after every 4,000 miles. "Bugatti" does not recognize the warranty if any changes work outside the authorized service or if you buy tires on the free market.

"The new tires cost EUR 29 000. Every 16 000 km, you have to change the wheels, which costs an additional € 45 000. There are mobile rental teams in the Far East whose travel and wheelchair replacement costs may exceed € 100,000" , explains Wilkemen.

What will surely accompany such a car is the insurance, which is about 6,000 euros per month, or 72,000 per year. The world's most expensive 16 million-euro car is unlikely to be seen on the street, and when it enters the traffic, insurance companies have an escort that protects the car while its owner is in a restaurant or reception.

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