Thursday , June 24 2021

Camberi: Two opportunities for the Presse Valley – unity or reciprocity

Mayor of Bujanovac Shaip Kamberi said Kosovo should have two options for the Presevo valley – in the dialogue with Serbia – the first is the union of the Presevo Valley with Kosovo and the second reciprocity with the Serbs and the northern part of Kosovo was handed over by RTC.

"If Kosovo moves in this way (adjusting the border) then there is a lot of support for bringing Preševo ​​valley to Kosovo, if not, then there should be reciprocity with the north," said Kamberi at RTK3's Open Studio.

According to him, there can be no good inter-state relations if Kosovo fully guarantees the rights of Serbs in Kosovo while Serbia continues to violate the rights of Albanians in the Presevo Valley.

"The Albanians from the valley leave massively because of various factors and this situation can not be maintained for a long time." In the framework of the dialogue in Brussels, we have to find a solution for Presevo valley, which is our last chance, Kosovo will need one way or the other "Cambridge asked.

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