Thursday , June 24 2021

Do everything, but do not you smell? These are possible reasons

Do you do all this in your power, and the weight is never gone? There are several reasons why you are not going very well.


Photo: Thinkstock

Photo: Thinkstock

First, you can successfully dissolve fat, but your pound number is "back" in some other form – you keep water, have a washable massage or have not drained the intestines.

Second, you may not follow your progress well. This can happen if you are measured daily or if you are measuring at different times of the day under different conditions.

In addition, the reason you do not lose a lot of pounds can be that you're adding more calories than you lose that body. Also, there are unexpected reasons that can be the culprit for not thinking about it.

Do not sleep enough

Lack of sleep surprisingly contributes to the centrometry around the waist. It is believed that lack of sleep affects the cough of cortisol, the hormone that regulates appetite. You are under stress Chronic stress can make you reach alcohol or food to make it easier for you.

Eat too much

If you want to be stupid, you should first turn to how many calories you consume and how much you consume.

You are not a coherent network

Weight loss is recommended between 60 and 90 minutes cobwebs per day, or 30 minutes of high intensity workout. But even some smaller activities, such as climbing stairs instead of a lift, can make a difference.

You are a "free" weekend

If you allow yourself to say that every weekend you eat comes to your mind, you unite the efforts you receive during the week. Swap sweet with other fun stuff. Of course, it is good to eat the sweet, but instead of eating all the chocolate, continue with the massage, the cinema …

You act alone

Give yourself a reasonable timeframe for the results and do not criticize yourself if you do not immediately see the desired scale of the scale. Keep in mind that your body is definitely better when eating healthy food, and that this number of the rock is not the only thing that matters.

You have a health problem

Anchoring is a complex process that depends on many factors we can control (diet, stretching, sleep), but also factors beyond our control (genes, sex, hormones, age, body type). If, despite your best efforts, you can not gain more weight, it would be good to go to a doctor and check that your health is incorrect.

You get to the climax

Everyone at a certain point reaches a peak in weight loss. The body adjusts to the training, becomes more efficient and does not consume more than the same amount of calories. In this case, you change the training and try new ones.

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