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Executive Director of the AMCS paid Djurdjeva, who asked him: Lost look and uncertain posture, without nails, and never seen with a woman … BIO WILL BE ADVANCED TO THE COMPANY | Black Chronicle

Executive Director AMSS paid Djurdjeva, Colleague Zizrila in Njaga: Lost look and uncertain posture, there was no nail and never seen a woman ...

Photo: Printscreen, Zoran Jejevic

Predrag Djurdjev (43), general secretary of Serbia's auto-moto association, who murdered Friday in the premises of this company, kills Mirko Butuli (43), president of the AMCS, then commit suicide, he is a very strange person , who, fearing fear, told Kurier those who knew him.

According to his colleague Predrag Djurdjev he came to AMSS in 2014. Some colleagues had a negative impression at the first meeting with him.

She lived with her mother

– I remember that some colleagues, when Djurdjev just started working in the company, told Butulia and some of his colleagues that he would have problems with him at a time. It did not seem to be all. When he spoke, and when he was walking, he was very uncertain, had a stunning look, somehow lost, and always looked as if he was looking thoughtfully, "says Curie's interlocutor, adding that they are all incredible, and that Djurdjev works in the auto-motto of the Serbian Association had a driver's license.

"He never got up." Nor did he marry, and none of the company ever saw him in a female society, and although he was over 40, he lived alone with his mother. He also scratched his nails, so they did not really have them, they were completely eaten. Besides, he was a lover of weapons, "the interlocutor said.

As he adds, Djurdjev often conflicts with his colleagues.

– Many of them had strong business communication with him. He seemed to be afraid of his work, ie. He was afraid someone would take it. He seemed somewhat insecure in himself, "the source said, adding that Djurdjev was a person who often sabotaged his colleagues.

"He knew he was in conflict with his colleagues, and then he was acting unusually. For example, a colleague with an ankle told him he would come to the door at night and call him on the intercom. Of course, that was not true, but he thought it in his mind. As paranoid. He seems to have had an injury from early childhood or childhood, "Djurdjeva's friends say.

Word of the expert
He had a complex

Psychotherapist Zoran Milivjevic says he suggests that Predrag Djurdjev was a conflict person and a fraudster.
– I think he is nervous and I doubt that, according to everything I learned from the media, he had a complex. Such persons see every refusal or disagreement as a personal attack. Maybe in his head there was an idea that everyone was against it. This has led to less value. I think my weapon faces the affection to show my power, "Miliviewicz says, adding that the weapon gives these people power and that the gun in the office should give him his own meaning.

Seismic legends
Dad, we'll be good and we'll be proud of us

His mother, wife, children, sister, Serbian auto-moto union, Serbian Football Association, Slaviša Kokeza, FSF president and many other friends and relatives yesterday from the tragically wounded Mirko Butuli,
"Daddy, they say you're on the way, I'll wait for you to bring us candies, dresses and sneakers, and we'll be good and you'll be proud of us," says the seismic reading of Buttley's children and wife.

( / Daniela Jovanovic / Photo: Printscreen, Zoran Jevtic)


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