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Find Ferrari and Rio Ferdinand in the history of Manajes Junajted

Find Ferrari and Rio Ferdinand in the history of Manajes Junajted

The junajted manchestra is the first to be defeated in the history of Old Trafford at the European Championship with two goals. Retki was beaten by Crvenih đavola on his land near Europe, and they were two gallows rzalike till večeras nisu viđeni. Do not beche By Hey on the goal, the beat is mogao da will be three times chetiri razlike …

Pobeda Pari Sen Zermena is not surprised by the legend of the Skopje Rija Ferdinanda koji radi kao brief consultant on TV.
"Ovo is a bio-reality test for Manajer Junajted. It does not cut even the neck of the stump, but you can learn from that. In the course of the training mandate, the Ole Gunar Solskjer is to be considered as a first step ", rekao is Ferdinand.

Međutim, that is Ferdinand, is the defense of Crvenih đavola on the opposing half.
"Junajted večeras nije pokazao ništa od svog napadacakog arsenal. Nisu imali igrače u šansama. PSZ is without a couple of ponajboljih igrača dominirao utakmicom ".

Yosh jedan bivši igrač Mančester Junajteda, Oven Hargrivs is a bio impresioniran You are the dream of a woman and a special one of her own smokers.
"Defansivno su veličanstveni. Markinjos is the most bio-friendly player on the planet, and Bufon and the other are not the same posebnog messenger. Ovo je bos veliki trenutak za PSŽ. Igrati tako bez dvojice najboljih igrača … In the time of the season, they have given the golman the world's clone Bufona and the master of the tactic at Tuhel. How do they get helpless Nejmar i Kavani, mogu protiv svakoga ".

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