Thursday , November 26 2020

Football has won, Braiton lost! Eriksen pulled Pevs out of his wrist, with the Champions League

Football has won, Braiton lost! Eriksen pulled Pevs out of his wrist, with the Champions League

Brighton did not park the bus, Brighton drove the boat, leaned her on a locomotive and filled everything with a carabiner sheet, as long as there was no dilemma. But just when he thought Brighton's flipper would win Christian Erikensen closed the 25-meter hit and brought Tottenham to the lower corner of the opposing door, making it very close to the Champions League.

To be clear: a new kind in the Champions League, not the Champions League trophy, which the singers will be in a hurry during the semi-final Ajax match. Even if they fail, we all have the opportunity to watch them in the European elite next season because the singers already have three points more than Chelsea and four of Arsenal, who on Wednesday back to go to the feet of Wolverhampton.

There are three more hurdles to Tottenham, West Ham and Everton at home, the Bournemouth of the country. If they are one of the first four places in the table, they should not be interrogated. Since Tottenham may not seem as untouchable as Manchester City once, it might not look as offensive as it does at some points in Liverpool, but it always looks like a team that knows what it does.

And so against Bratton, who after a series of 570 minutes without a goal in London arrived with an idea – 0: 0. The only problem is that we have not seen this result in Tottenham matches since September 2017, when Swansees resisted White Hart Lane at that time.

Meanwhile, the singers became even better. Meanwhile Christian Erikensen He became even better player. And just when guests thought he was going to stand up to the point that could make them survive in the Premier League, Danak spun around the ball, Matthew Ryan he left his debt, but it is not worth it.

Sometimes it seems so simple. It was not easy. Tottenham had 77% of the time with the ball at his feet, there were about 900 and cuzour belts, but only for the goal scored by the 29th shot on the door! How much Brayton wanted to play best said he had only tried six times after the ball entered the goal area and the total number of shots was "crowded" at the end when Tottenham finally passed.

In the second match Watford is a hit Launch Greja in the 90th minute Southampton took the two points that were already visible from his pocket. At the end of 1: 1 with an eternal memory of the fastest goal in the history of the Premier League – he signed it. Shane Long after only seven seconds of the game – and the impression that the saints will still survive in the elite because three rounds before the six points in front of Cardiff come with a much better goal difference. And Cardiff is in the last round with Manchester United.



Tottenham – Brighton 1: 0 (0: 0)
/ Eriksson 88 /


Watford – Southampton 0: 1 (0: 1)
/ Long 1 /

(PHOTO: Reuters)

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