Sunday , June 13 2021

Gaiç in Star 3.5 years! There are also percentages

The French say: Gaiç in the Star 3.5 years! There are also percentages

The Red Star is the right way to get one, and possibly two, capital reinforcements at the finish line. History around Mirko Ivanic continues, but the youngest national team is currently the largest Serbian stadium Serbia Milan GajcMuch closer.

French Lechip announced on Tuesday that Golden Orlic and Bordeaux will be the official Red Star player in the next two days. According to the prestigious French newspaper, the right backs, born in 1995, will move to Maracana as a freelancer because he will terminate the contract with the French club. In particular, C.Ordo will receive the percentage of Milan Gajc's next transfer.

The French also wrote that they would Milan Gadzic has signed a contract with the Red Star for 3.5 years. According to their sources, it is only necessary to agree on some details, but the Serbian international is 90% of the stars.

Milana Gadzic is a long-term wish of the sports sector "Red Star", who finally found arguments for bringing the former red and white in Maracana! According to MOZZART, Sport Gadzic will have the last meeting with the Serbian champions today and will determine the details of the co-operation. He renounced his French club income because he had a monthly salary of € 43,000 in net worth in Bordeaux.

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