Saturday , July 31 2021

GENERAL HAOS IN THE HOUSE! A CONDITIONED PLACE IN A WEDDING ROOM IS CONFIRMED AND MANUFACTURED: Here's what troubles the PLANS for those who want to spend the night together! (VIDEO) stars

Imaginarium love pairs have come up with the idea of ​​making room in the bedroom to make everyone in love with each other. The initiator was Marko Milkovic because he wanted to join the bed with Luna Jogani.

Bora Santana, Rebecca Popovic and Marianna Zonzic did not want to change their beds so there was a problem here. It was not possible to satisfy everyone, and then the security had to answer.

At one point, there was a verbal contradiction between Marian and Bora because he took out all his shelves from the bed she and her were born to.

– Get out of this! You will tell me what I will do here. I'll give Mommy in your pocket. I'm sleeping here, "Bor shouted.

Real chaos appeared on the property, colleagues began to lift beds, to change their order to satisfy every desire, which was almost impossible.

photo: Printscren YT / Photo: Printscreen YT


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