Wednesday , September 22 2021

Guerrilla, good thing it's not Thessaloniki

Guerrilla, good it's not Thessaloniki - Aris hasn't lost there for 50 years (VIDEO)

Little was much of a surprise and Partizan, instead of against Molde, had a decisive battle to qualify for the Europa League group stage with the Greeks. Aris was able to make up for the huge lag from the first match in Norway (0: 3), managed to take the game into overtime, but did not have enough strength to completely break the company of Erling Moe (3: 1). Molde got out of the hob when least expected

Is Guerrilla better to pass Molde, or maybe it would be better if it was Aris – it's hard to comment. It's just a question of how each team is lying to you. The main impression is that the Greeks with their colony of foreigners are a more talented team (only two home players tonight in the starting 11 and one more on the bench), more technically savvy, while Molde is more suited and inclined to the models he inspired Ole Gunnar Solsker before going to Manchester United. After all, we had the opportunity to see them in strife with Chukaritsky.

If we are looking for hair in an egg, then it might be better for black and whites, who eventually turned out to be Molde coming to Belgrade because Aris is connected to really unrealistic data – this is a club that has not lost European 1968 home game. years. He didn't play that much, but there weren't that many – 27 duels. They have been coming to Thessaloniki for the last 50 years, Benfica, Chelsea, Roma, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Bayer Leverkusen, Red Star … And no one but no one has ever won. From this point of view, better than Molde.

The Norwegians played under their chances tonight. There is probably also a stadium environment. Aris scored that first goal on time for the Spaniard Matilde, warmed the audience and the hope of local footballers that they could do wonders. When only 12 minutes later George Delysis to cooperate Fetfatzidis scored for 2: 0, the guests found themselves in unripe grapes.

Aris' well-deserved third goal comes five minutes before the end through the Frenchwoman Nikolai DiginiIt was the result that led the game into overtime.

The locals found themselves on the verge of a small miracle and entered the wings of great confidence in overtime, but in the last moments of the first resumption of Cote d'Ivoire reservists Matthias Pain silenced the boiling stadium in Thessaloniki – 3: 1. At this point the home side needed two more goals and they did not have the strength to do so.

Partizan plays its first game against Molde next Thursday in Belgrade.

And here's one goal the Norwegians managed to somehow get a "visa" for another visit to Serbia:

photo: MN Press

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