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He is the first registered HIV, his people turn his back, he dies alone!

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In the 1980s, Yugoslavia was flooded with a new musical direction that critics call the New Wave. This music awakened the youth and the topic he was talking about was something new in this field!

Ivica Vadic

Ivica Vadic • photo

The largest of the largest, according to many, is the Belgrade group "EKV". Although today is not the first association of the religious group, Ivica Vadic, also known as Vd, is one of the icons of Yugoslav rock and, according to some, the man who created the EKV as we know it.

Unfortunately, VD is also the first officially registered HIV-positive person in the former Yugoslavia. When he once talks about Vadic, a great EKV friend, Sonia Savic, said Belgrade immediately turned his back on and people were avoided because of the disease, writes The legendary actress claims that Vadic is the most important person of the EKV and the person who created Milan Mladenovic. VD was created by Margita Stefanovic, because he brought it to the band while he was his girlfriend.

Due to his illness, Vd left the band because he was too busy with the concert. He died in Belgrade in 1992 from AIDS.

In an interview, Sonia Savic said that after the death of Ivica Vadic she reported the sad news to their friend Darko Rundeck.

"When he asked how he died, I said he just fell from the bed in an infectious bag that no one wanted to raise," the actress said in tears, and Rundeck said, "He lived and died as an angel.

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