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He went to his men and deceived them in his movement and received a cold shower from his "prominent member"!


12.02.2019. 19:33

Yesterday, the Jewish municipality of Belgrade sent an open letter to Serbia's Free Movement Sergei Sergei Trifunovic, accusing him of "disgusting at the same time those who fought against fascism and those who helped the occupier to turn Serbia into "country".,

Sergei and Branislav Trifunovic

Sergei and Branislav Trifunovic, Photo: Alo! / Nenad Vujanovic

Igor Ginsberg, chairman of Serbia's Free Movement Sergei (SGP) Sergei Trifunovic, in his response to the Jewish community of Belgrade (JOB), declared as "prominent member" of his party, said today that he is no longer an active member for more than a year in the first case, officially investigated.

SERGEY HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL TO END. He began to apologize to them, but for one sentence he again humiliated this wrong people!

"As a member of JOB, I fully support JOB's view of your statement, which equates all citizens of Serbia, regardless of their picture on the wall. Equalizing criminals and their victims is totally unacceptable, "Ginzberg said in an open letter to Trifunovic.

On Sunday, the head of the PSG in Kragujevac, when visiting the local branch of his party, said that although he was "far left," his movement had to include left-handed and right-wingers, adding that it was "totally irrelevant" whether someone in the house holds the picture of Draga Mihailovich, Dimitriy Lutich or Broz or, I do not know, Coca Popovic.

JOB, on this occasion, told Trifunović that the dangerous precedent is the "normalization" of the Nazis and their adherents, and the even more dangerous adaptation he is trying to put in the same basket of those who have fought against fascism, who helped the occupier to make Serbia Judenfraud "a country.

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