Monday , July 26 2021

He's expecting him in a secret room …! • HAPPYTV.RS

The Belgrade secret room Baki B3 He tears and weeps in all his voice.

When he heard his wife's voice Bozhana, which threatens him with divorce because of the intimacy he has Dinohe could no longer hide his repentance on the face.

"Bozhana, where you are, open the door "Baki said.

"Maki, should I come with Mate or with me?" I love you a lot, but I have to tell you something, but tonight I did not come here. We'll leave it for the second time, I'm a mother who loves my kids, I'm home with babies and I do not care about me, but I'll wait for you when you go out some other time when you go out Boyan said.
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