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HOW TO MAKE THE LOWEST 24 HUMAN Epidemiologists claim that the virus is no longer dangerous than in previous years, but there is a new feature of the MOST.

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Most deaths from influenza this year do not mean that the virus is more dangerous than previous years but has "found" more vulnerable people who are not vaccinated, who are chronic patients or have poor immunity. Any flu should be delayed so as not to overload the body, and the first symptoms must go to the doctor, says the epidemiologist Prof. Dr. Branislav Tiodorovich.

According to him last year 15 people died of influenza, 17 people are overwhelmed, and now some more, the last official information is 24.

– At the beginning of the season, the virus may be more virulent and detect more non-vaccinated susceptible people with chronic illnesses, poor immunity. But this virus is no longer dangerous, it is the same virus that was like the previous years and years ago. The press is called swine flu, objectively is not this mutated flu, the pandemic influenza virus, and the person who has been through all these years and has been the dominant, most widespread. This is not dangerous, but this time she has found more sensitive people. Epidemiologists closely followed the situation in the southern hemisphere, famous laboratories analyzed AH1N1, nothing happened to it, explained Thodorovich.

Headaches, muscle and joint pain, high temperatures over 39, poorly influenced by antipyretics, frustration, malathion, are the first sign of a doctor's visit.

– As soon as he felt the first symptom of tingling breath, he should immediately go to the Clinic for Infectious Diseases. It is very easy to recognize this symptom. A young man, strong, to whom everything has functioned so far, has a high temperature, he pours anti-piracy, but the temperature returns for an hour or two. If antipyretics are shorter, and after breathing, one feels that something seals it, stops it, is not breathing, it is the first warning sign that can not be ignored. He must immediately go to the infectious disease clinic. It is not necessary to place it on the respirator immediately, as assessed by the infectious agent when placed on artificial respiration. Instead of receiving the first treatment at the clinic, include the infusion, rest your body. This is also the case with older people, but they know it, and if they are chronic patients, they immediately pay attention to doctors, but young and healthy people, explains Tiodorović.

Prof Dr Branislav TiodorovichPhoto: K. Kamenov / RAN Serbia
Prof Dr Branislav Tiodorovich

"Feet temperature rupture, which is an error"

He explains that even when they have a solid immunity, people make a big mistake because they ignore the first symptoms of this serious illness that requires rest.

"There's a man at 39 degrees," he says, "he'll break it to his feet. People do not take this situation seriously, they continue to work, move. And in practice, the organism suffers. An organism that has to rest in order to easily overcome the disease is in full activity. They function and instead at least these days at least soothe the body and prevail with their immunity and with the help of symptomatic therapy. And what happens, then the virus starts to advance to the lungs. Viral inflammation of the lungs develops, which the doctor can not hear from the lungs. Typical of viral pneumonia – nothing is heard about bacterial infections that hear bleeding and coughing, and when the doctor, based on listening to the lungs, can experience pneumonia. Here, too, can be determined only by radiographic recording. And when the lungs are visible on the image, it means they do not work. And the patient is already in a big trouble. So we do not have to wait, says Prof. Dr. Thiodorovich.

Photo: Sinisa Pashalic / RAN Serbia

When the flu starts, there may be a bacterial infection. In sensitive people with reduced immunity, influenza virus breaks protection, and the body attacks streptococci, staphylococci and especially pneumococcal bacteria.

– The physician should monitor the condition and use the antibiotic at the right time. Because the use of an antibiotic only when it comes to influenza is totally unnecessary and unjustified. But if a secondary, bacterial infection occurs, he can see it on the record and hear the noise when he hears the lungs, then he has to include the antibiotic. Traction is simply a viral disease, and if a bacterial infection occurs, it's a so-called mixed infection, and that's even more serious, Professor Dr. Thiodorovich explained.

Systematic reviews mandatory

He says everyone has individual immunity and many chronic diseases, and they do not know about them, because they do not have a systematic review at least once a year or at least once every three years.

– And in young people, chronic diseases. For example, asthma is not only required for the elderly. Diabetes is not just about old people. He has an inheritance, but he also has acquired, very earned. People do not even know they have chronic illnesses, they are healthy. We have such cases in all the epidemics. And then, when the virus shows that something in the body is wrong, then with the epistemology what happened.

Do not send sick children to kindergartens and schools, not to flu to work

Teodorovic urges parents not to send a sick child to school or school and not to go to work if they have flu.

– Employers should be aware that they are doing this for themselves, not just the employee, if they allow him to postpone the flu. Because if it is a job, others will be infected. Therefore, if there is fever, nose leakage and other symptoms, it is better to stay at home. Health culture is part of the common culture. He does not have to go to work for himself, then for others, says Thodorovich.

You do not drink virostatics alone

It is noteworthy that pharmacies have an increased demand for drugs that stop the spread of the virus (tamiflu) that is used to treat influenza. Prof. Dr. Thiodorovich argues that antiviral medicines should not be drunk by themselves.

– There are antiviral drugs that do not destroy the virus, but prevent replication, duplication and spread of the body, Virostatics. They should not drink for their part, only on the advice of the doctor, extremely infectious. As a rule, they should not be bought without a prescription, but even if someone gets it, they will consult with their doctor to consult because the drug also has some side effects that depend on whether it is a chronic disease. As a rule, such drugs are given to the stationary, Prof Dr Thiodorovich concludes.

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