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HOW TO OBJAVIŠ PORNIĆ, MRTAV SI! Karleusin otac pretio Vranješu: TOMORROW MOMCI poslali njegovu porodicu u Banjaluci, supruga aj roditelji pri šoku | Stars

HOW TO OBJAVIŠ PORNIĆ, MRTAV SI! Karleusin otac pretio Vranješu: TOMORROW MOMCI postpone their njegovu porodicu u Banjaluci, supruga i roditelji pri šoku

Photo: Zorana Jevtić / Dado Đilas

Dragan Karleus, Jelena Karleus's father, is tempted to put his hand on the negotiations, because of the phenomenon of extortion, which is the premonition of Ognjen Vranješ!

photo by Zorana Jevtić / Dado Đilas

As a taxpayer, there is more information and information about the pornography of the koju mnogi smatraju aferom decenije! It has been discovered that information has occurred in the JK and Dušan Tošić reservoirs, and that the river is responsible for the treatment of the fudbaler, and that on the other side of the site there is also help.

Logic, first of all, it is up to you to turn to your eye, a few urgent police officers and MUP officials. Znajući da postoje njene eksplicitne fotografije i porno snimci i da ih Vranješ poseduje, Jelena je navodno zamolila tatu da spich njihovo objavljivanje.

photo by Damir Dervishagic, Zorana Jevtić, Printscreen / Instagram

Prema saznanjima Kurira, Karleus is called on to accept his admissions, who have been given the opportunity to attend Ognjen's birth at Banjaluci.

photo by Dado Đilas

– Dragan is invited to the event that he knows how to recognize the problem of the problem. They have lost their car in the car and have made it to the famous graduate of the Republic of Srpske, which is not known as Ognjen nije tamo. The nursing mothers have been found to be born in the same way as Danijel, who has been tortured with her son. At the request of a child, after the withdrawal of the offense, she was allowed to take Vranješ's birth for herself and her first pregnancy – our saboteur is well tolerated in the case of herding puppy in January.

photo: Instagram

Do koji s jestoki mica iron da postignu dola dolami nijeho ostvaren, alebo je Vranješ bio zakazaným agentom, že je njegova bivša spremna na jeho da ga učutka.

photo by Dado Đilas, Damir Dervishagic

– Excuse the muškarci koje is Karleuša poslao nisu directly prelie Ognjenovoj porodici, although you have been warned about the possibility that some of the Medieval Osvane Jelenin pornić with Vranješom. They gave birth to the superse of the nisu, they knew what they like, they were beating at the joke. They sent a message to Ognjen and spoke to him. It is interesting to note that, on its Instagram Nalog, the discovery of the appearance of a male is attributable to the fact that it is not Jelenia Karleus, ali ga je ubrzo izbrisao. That's not what it's like to say about it. Međutim, snimci na kojima Karleus masturbira, gole fotke i njena spiska s jeho namiesto sa vyskytli pri javnosti, alebo ak nie je jeho objavljeno – završava náš sagovornik.

photo: Pritnscreen

They invited Dragan Karleus, or he was not javljao, no you Vranješ ni JK.

Zbog porn-scandal can not give up sleep
She revealed, pa obrisala status!

Jelena Karleuša prolazi kríž tolik, koľko je na meti medija. I do not know how to do it, if it's time to change it, it's time to see it, and it's nice to see it, or it's a good thing! That's how the ugand of the Instagram turned its pratiocima.

photo: Printscreen

– Do you really want to say hello to your dad, how are you …? How much do you meditate on a woman? Is it a user if you are lepo zabavljate? Do they get rid of the disease, glitter, list, click, prevert, and comment? You are my dear, you hold on to one woman, the daughter of two. Bravo – wrote Jelena pa ubrzo obrisala.

Razlog za slavlje
She was famous for the rođendan

At the scandal, Jelena Karleusa also ratified the slavlje. Danas is the first owner of Divni Karleus bio 61rd birthday, and it is a quartet of javno. Pop diva has discovered a picture of her mother at Instagram:

photo: Printscreen / Instagram

– Srećan rođendan, mama.

It is strange that the kosho is injured by the brakes and that the Duke Tošić has become a member of the Jelenia Gun and has held its brakes. Jelena i Divna oduvek su imale veoma blizak odnos i jedna drugoj su uvek bile podrška.

Dragan Karleus

photo by Dado Đilas

rođen: 1 January 1947. godine
city: Beograd

karijera: Ima act of the MUP kapetana at the pension. In the police, since 1975, the radio has been the subject of delicious delicacies, including the warrior and the warrior, the culmination of the culture and the arts and the aristocracy of the blaga, and the role of the prostitute in the upgrading of the organizational criminality.
childbirth: surrend of Svetlana Jan Karleus, sons Ivan and Nikola, queen of Jelena (also brak with Divny Karleus)

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