Thursday , September 23 2021

I am happy with the historic victory

The double-shot on the Red Star team in the match against Liverpool Milan Pavkov said he was happy for "historic victory".

"The shows have not been summarized, I am happy with a bad historical victory. I am not aware of other goals, I did not come to celebrate at all. It was difficult, they did not save me, but we gathered," Pavkov told reporters after Utmkmica.

The Stars of the Stars won their match at Liverpool 2-0 in the Champions League fourth round tonight. Both goals were scored by Milan Pavkov in the 22nd and 29th minutes.

"We were all happy, we practiced all this, we were ready for the match and played well," Pavkov added.

Asked about the signing of a new contract, Pavkov replied: "It has been reported in the media, but a new contract has not been officially offered, we will see and negotiate."

He added that he was pleased with the atmosphere at the stadium.

"I will not offend some other fans, but this is not seen everywhere. They play games in front of fans like that very often, but they are certainly under the impression. We have a great desire to win and this is achieved," Pavkov said.


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