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"I suffer strong pain, I AM"

She does not give up Anabela's daughter: Doris Bizetz

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In 2011, our singer is diagnosed with an incurable disease she is fighting day after day. As she once said, she suffers from pain and she is proud to be able to walk.

Photo: Peter Markovic / RAN Serbia

In 2010 Doris bore Annabella's daughter and six months later she felt she was terribly feeble.

"Since birth, I felt I was physically much weaker. I was attributing him at birth until the summer of 2011 I woke up almost blindly one morning …

I went straight to the doctor … It was noted that I lost almost 80% of the sight of one eye. That's how it started, "Doris says.

Because many illnesses have multiple sclerosis-like symptoms, none of the doctors can surely tell her what's going on.

"Two years I went into control, examinations … Viruses, Lyme disease … There was no magnetic resonance. It was terrible. I'm sick, but I do not know what … I did not know what to think. And when I finally drew the liquid out of my spine in 2013, which surely showed that it was multiple sclerosis, I felt a relief for a second. It's good, I know what's wrong with me, "says Doris.

Photo: Peter Markovic / RAN Serbia

Meanwhile, she talks about the power of the will, with which everything goes.

"I am very proud of what I am still doing. People with this disease usually end up in wheelchairs. I'm still going! I have severe pain in the spine, strong light bothers me, I can not stand the noise, I feel sensitive to touch. But my daughter does not deny anything. I try one day when she remembers childhood, she should not say that my mother has always been bad. I mean, she had a jolly childlike painting and playing with her mother, Doris said.

What she said about her illness, and what her father had discovered in the gallery.

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