Thursday , September 23 2021

"I'm kidding when I think I was at such a loss": Vladimir Brutally Wraps Staniya (VIDEO) | telegraph

The station will be furious when he hears what Tomovic said about her

Vladimir Tomovich, Stania Dobroevich

Printskrin: TV Pink, Instagram / stanijadobrojevic

Tonight, Vladimir Tomovic made a guest appearance at People's Pie, and on that occasion, twist your tongue with your ex-girlfriend Staniya Dobrovich.

– I can really say after everything she said after swearing at my family after swearing after the insults I can truly say that she is a human fall, nobody and nothing, that I am ashamed that I have ever touched Staniya Dobrovich in my life and have not been with her. I freak out when I think I have to deal with such waste. The moral zero … – said Tomovic and added:

Vladimir Tomovich

Stanislav Stories, Printskrin: TV Pink

– The most common thing she says in reality is, "I have to justify the fee," yes, but you don't have to be naked from morning to dark, you can't tell me to travel the world and you don't know where the country is , you don't know the multiplication table, you don't know anything … I'm ashamed to have been with her.

What Vladimir said about Stanya, hear in the video below:


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