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"I'm not good" Hope after a nervous breakdown in Cooperative 2 reveals what made her escape from reality

Nadezhda BilicPhoto: YouTube / photo on screen

After the scandal that happened when the young singer Nadezhda Biljic turned to Jelena Kranich and gave her two blows, damaging her tooth, Bilic completed the exam from which she returned completely psychologically. She soon escaped the property in Simanovtsi because of her poor psychological condition.

Photo: Vesna Lalic / RAN Serbia

She then told the doctors that her condition was getting worse because she was taking a lower dose of medication, and now she tells her that it's devastating for her:

"I would never go to the pursuit after all that I was going through. Maybe, if it was for some huge money a month. I would not take it again mentally. I knew where I was going, but there are people who can support it and who can not, I am one of these others. I'm still recovering, honestly, I did not come to myself. It ended when Mickie, who had already hurt me, came in and Jelena Krunic, who physically attacked me. It's simple, it's all hard for me, hunger, hiding food, coffee and cigarettes, provoking, closing with four walls with people you can not choose. It has greatly influenced my psyche.

Photo: R. Ristic / RAN Serbia

Stanica Dobrojevic spent more than a month in Cooperative 2, but in October she left the property in Simanovski for health problems. Namely, the day before she left, she complained to Nicky Bocanu about her health, which led her to a review. It turned out that the results were not good. At the same time, she is operating in America, but she and her PR team do not want to say what kind of interference they are doing, except that the star was after the surgery. She has to travel to Serbia and return to the property in Simanovtsi nowadays.

Photo: screenshot

The director and many rivals Jelena Golubovic entered Cooper 2 as an equal competitor, but was forced to leave the luxury building. Head Ognjen Amidžić read the chief executive's statement in the program that Golubovic must go to the speaker operation on the advice of the doctors he controlled.

"I was with four doctors and they all made a different diagnosis. Every day I get strong therapy and I have to go to surgery. For now, I'm going to take a bow and then a strong lead, "Yelena admitted after returning her to The Imaginary, which she quickly escaped.

Former politician Alexander Pojagy leaves Parrov, because tumor markers indicate that testicular surgery is needed. The politician left the villa and was urgently surgical, and the roommates answered the hospital.

– I had an operation. Everything went in the best possible way. I will return to the heat, but all the finds will be good, "Alexander said at that time, and soon returned to the audience with Hepi.

The former singer of the once-popular "Wild Chestnut" band, Igor Starovic, has decided to taste the happiness in reality, and in 2013 he decides to be a Fermi competitor. Nevertheless, his stay at the mansion is suddenly interrupted after the singer becomes ill and immediately hospitalized. After all, Igor did not return to the rial.

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