Thursday , June 17 2021

In the middle of the discovery of the truth about Vladimir, the Stratha did not want to be shocked when he saw that the cooperative summed up Kudnichka in a dreadful state! (VIDEO) telegraph

"What is that, is not it?" Stanley was shocked by the deaf night when he saw a less pleasant scene

Stanley, Bain

Print Pics: TV Pink

Stanica Dobrojevic recently returned to Zadar, where she discovered that she and Vladimir Tomovic were in love and that she loved him, though not when she left the region for health problems and traveled to America.

Stana is entrusted to Baneta in the deaf night, and the theme is precisely the Montenegrin.

"It's all I planted from my family, from the earliest days … that does not go with my image in the media. There is. So what I'm alone is totally in line with me … "she admitted.

– Are you planning to go with him? Bain asked, then explained.

Stanja and Vlada while they were together in the Co-operative / Pick-up: TV Pink

"When I got out of here, I got him up to three pretty because I saw some pistons …", said Stanny, then said only one sentence of the shock:What is that, is not it?".

At this point, one of my colleagues was Jelena Krounic in exhaustion and, as it seemed, look at the following text:


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