Thursday , September 23 2021

"IT'S NOT VOICE" Luna Jogani provoked violent reactions with her first song

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As she announced weeks ago, today Luna Jogani unveiled her debut single, The Ninth Circle, inspired, as he put it, by a love story with Sloboda Radanovic, who survived on Cooperative 1.

Photo: Screenshot

Star reality is useful for just a few, which is to record a staggering 100,000 views on YouTube in 15 minutes, then surpass the figure of 200,000 for the other 15.

Comments, as always with Luna Jogani, are sharply divided.

"Bravo, Lunchi, good luck! I wish you good luck and a successful career!", "Children's song", "We have a hit that crosses borders", "You look secular", commented one after another while there were some who said that "the song is top even though they don't like the moon. "

However, there are many who do not like the musical debut of the winner in Cooperative 2.

"It's not her singing, it's not her voice", "How are you not ashamed to announce this? Even a trace of your voice", "It's too transparent if it were Antony Zigowski's vocals", "Everything would be fine, if we didn't listen to you on Cooperatives, where was your voice like that? "," Luna loves someone else's, this is your husband's colleague, someone else's collection, now someone else's voice, "he commented.

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