Saturday , September 18 2021

Jean-Claude Van Damme set fire to Dragan Mirkovic's internet video! (VIDEO)

World star Jean-Claude Van Damme succeeded in igniting the internet by sharing a spot on his Facebook page with a new hit from Dragan Mirkovic's Replacement.

“Dear Dragan, I am proud to present you this great video with your wonderful voice. I send love to you, the Balkans, the whole world and your husband Tony – written by a Hollywood superstar who watches over 17 million people and elicits a welcome comment from all over the world.


"She explained to the Americans what the music was," "it sounds great, though I don't understand what she sings," "a wonderful choice, congratulations," "I like, I have to look for her other songs," are just a few of the hundreds of comments that are fans from all the meridians quit their idol, and the song garnered about three thousand likes right after its release.

– Thank you dear friend, make me proud and happy. Thanks to your fans for the wonderful comments – Dragan wrote and shared the post.

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