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Juice that protects the brain and protects against the disease (News

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A juice that protects the brain and protects against diseases

Over the last few months, Instagram users have noticed a great presence of celery juices in this social network. Usually these are morning snacks that include a glass of green drink. Many call it a superhero drink because of its positive effect on the human body.

The secret is in the extremely healthy properties of celery, the portal says.

Celery is rich in large amounts of dietary fiber, vitamins A, C and K, potassium and manganese. This drug is a good source of riboflavin or vitamin B2, as well as vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Celery has very few calories, saturated fats and cholesterol.

Cellulite juice, say nutritionists, is best to drink on an empty stomach. Particular attention was paid to its effect on reducing inflammation and improving bowel health.

In a study, scientists have found that people who drink celery juice three times a week have a 76% lower risk of Alzheimer's disease. Celery is a great source of luteolin that improves cognitive function and protects memory.

Claims for treatment of autoimmune diseases, prevention of cancer and contributing to the alkalization of the body, celery juice sounds too good to be true – said the nutritionist Natalie von Berto,

She points out that this juice is just part of a healthy diet.

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